• Are you accepting new Pooches? YES! Call to schedule an evaluation with us.
  • Are the Pooches locked outside all day? Absolutely not. All of our Pooches have access indoors to our climate controlled rooms at all times.
  • What does "climate controlled" mean? Climate controlled means that our indoor play rooms have the air conditioner running during the warm and hot months keeping our rooms at a cool 72 degrees.
  • Should I bring lunch for my Pooch? We always encourage lunch for Pooches that are highly active, puppies, or are with us for long days of play.
  • Are there any types of chews that you do not allow the Pooches to have while in your care? We do not allow any type of rawhide or any type of chew, treat, or toy that your Pooch could break a piece off of or swallow whole.
  • Why do you limit how many evaluations each day? Bringing your Pooch to a new place can be a little scary for them, they need time to get used to us. We need to be able to get familiar with your Pooch as well in order to provide the best care possible for them. Limiting new Pooches means we have even more time to help your Pooch get comfortable.
  • Why do you require new dogs to daycare several times before overnighting? When you bring your Pooch to a new place it can be a little scary without you. Letting them come to play with new friends and go home in the evening is the best way to let them learn to love coming! This also gives your Pooch and us time to build a relationship so they will feel safe staying overnight.

Our Location

Pooches Playhouse
1075 Atlantic Blvd
Atlantic Beach, Florida

Location Map
24-POOCH (904-247-6624)

Hours of Operation

Morning Drop Off 7AM-10AM
Afternoon Drop Off 2PM-6PM
Lobby Open 7AM-6:30PM
No Pick Ups/Drop Offs
Between 11:30AM-2PM

8AM-10AM & 4PM-6PM 
(Boarder Pick Up/Drop Off Only)

New Customers

New Customers
All Pooches must pass an evaluation prior to daycare or boarding. Call us today to schedule.

Employment Opportunities Available
Contact us to find out how to apply.

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